Curiouser & Curiouser

Continuing on from my initial blog, particularly the road racing part of it, I’ve been forwarded a very interesting email that was sent to past & present road race organisers by the National Events Officer for Scottish Cycling, plus a draft calendar in there too, looks like it’s been widely distributed, so seems logical it’s ok to comment on it.

It looks like there is no national road race series in 2013, which is a shame, as I said before it doesn’t need jerseys and a sponsor, but is a nice thing to have, something to aim for and provide progression. Aberdeenshire appears to have an evening road race series, along with the Ingliston Criterium series too. An exciting addition to the calendar is the appearance of the British Road Race Championships on Sunday 23rd June, in Glasgow. The showdown for who wears the British bands in the Tour de France will be fought out, presumably on some circuits of Glasgow City Centre, on the course used for the Commonwealth Games in 2014? Lets hope so, Cav & Fenn from OPQS, Wiggo & Geraint Thomas (along with all the rest) in a super strong Sky squad, BMC’s Blyth & Cummings, this is going to be one hell of a race, especially with the profile cycling now has, will certainly beat the previous years events in the middle of nowhere, although the southerners may still consider this the middle of nowhere. A great event for Glasgow to host.

We also have the British Mountain Bike Championships at the Cathkin Braes on the 21st of July, so this looks like a bit of joined-up thinking from Glasgow City Council, this is another event well worth a visit, reports say the course is really good, with some knowledgable experts/riders in there helping to design it and sort any problems. But as my previous blog, I’m learning about the MTB scene, but would be keen to comment further once I’ve a better understanding.

Back to the Scottish calendar, there’s an attached file with notes. It throws up some surprising details, an inner working of what’s going on at Scottish Cycling towers (or SCU as some of us prefer to call it). The first surprising thing (I’m not sure they meant to release this, rather than asking the organiser first) is that they intend to ask the organiser of a women’s only event to move their event to the same date that a women’s only coaching day is being held. Now, this must surely be a mistake, as why would you clash a training day, presumably designed to prepare female riders for that event? Removes the point in having the training day to some extent, can I find another women’s only event on the calendar, just one or two! Surely these women only events don’t have to be held on the same day.

Next, we don’t have any secured organiser for the Scottish Road Race Championships, an event which has been getting some positive attention in recent years, it could be the biggest domestic event on the Scottish calendar if it was getting pushed & supported.

Apart from that, there’s seems to be some striking gaps in the calendar, scrolling down the organisers names, there appear to be a few notable ones missing, possibly everybody has retired or taken a break all at once, unlikely, so leads me to believe this is an incomplete calendar which wasn’t supposed to be distributed so widely. The notes also look incomplete, a little bit odd & haphazard for an organisation with so many paid members of staff to make sure everything is correct, it doesn’t instill confidence in what’s going to happen in the future. Didn’t we get this all sorted out reasonably easily with one full time member of staff and two volunteers in a portakabin in Edinburgh? But I’ve taken my eye off the Scottish scene to some extent in the last few years, so this may be normal procedure at this time of year these days, but I’m hoping to be back with a vengeance this coming year, might even help out in some races & pin a number on my back if I can get rid of this belly over the winter.

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