Blog Post Roundup so far…

I’ve got 20 blog posts up now, some of the titles probably don’t really tell you what they’re all about, so it’s time for a quick rundown. Just click on the title to go to the blog post.

The State of Cycle Racing in Scotland (7/12/12)

A good hard honest look at where we are in Scottish racing, mostly looking at road racing, time trialling, track & cyclo cross.

Curiouser & Curiouser (14/12/12)

The Scottish race calendar, or lack of it, asking what exactly is going on.

British Road Race Champs Predictions (15/12/12)

With the British road stars coming to Glasgow in June to fight this out, I ponder on what might happen, you heard it here first.

Stravamental (18/12/12)

Pain & suffering, all in the cause of getting a nice ranking on a website, the new world of online racing, Strava.

Quali’s for the Comi’s – Track (21/12/12)

Thefirst in a look at how qualifications for the Scottish team are made in the Commonwealth Games, who can get onto the team in the track squad. Hoping to follow this up with the other disciplines at a later date.

Your local bike shop, your wee pal. (27/12/12)

Shop local, where you can  also get good service and prices, while avoiding the online behemoths of cycling goods as much as possible.

Calm before the Storm, or is it? (2/1/13)

Early pre-season chat, with a look at some missing road events.

Where would we be without the UCI? (11/1/13)

Comment on why we actually need the UCI to remain in some form or another.

Bikeclubbing, we’re bikeclubbing, oh isn’t it wild? (13/1/13)

A guide to what you can expect in a bike club in Scotland, plus how to find them, it’s not as secret as you may think.

The other half of a racing cyclist. (19/1/13)

Why riding a bike is good for both you & your partner, even if they don’t ride a bike.

Back to the Future (20/1/13)

The Armstrong blog, how we get ourselves out of this situation and back to some kind of normality.

Subsonic Flow (25/1/13)

Daft road race aero helmets.

Surviving the winter (27/1/13)

Living with riding the bloody turbo trainer all winter.

Out of our League (28/1/13)

A possible solution to what is slowly turning into a crisis in Scotland, a lack of road races and a massive demand. I’ll be expanding on these ideas in the future.

Horseing Around (10/2/13)

What the horse meat scandal tells us about what’s really in our sports supplements, truth is, we don’t really know.

Carry on Camping (15/2/13)

Warm weather training camps, who to avoid, who you’ll meet.

Geert outa here! (16/2/13)

Dodgy doctor Geert Leinders & the big question of why he was at Sky in the first place.

Revealing Shorts – Issue 1 (18/2/12)

Weekly round up of bike racing results in Scotland.

Caledopers (20/2/13)

Do we have people using forbidden substances in Scotland, surely not?

Revealing Shorts – Issue 2 (25/2/13)

Weekly round up of bike racing results in Scotland. I’ll be working on getting this bigger & better in the next few weeks.

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