Corrieri, Gold & Peacocks.

Sunday sees one of the early season 10 mile time trials take place, a popular showdown event near Stirling, with my current preoccupation with Commonwealth qualifying, I’ve got to the point I’m now interested in a time trial!

The Corrieri Classic

This Sunday will be very cold on the flat Forth Valley west of Stirling, perhaps just over freezing for the later riders, but they’ll be blessed with little or no wind, an ideal opportunity for some to attach a front brake to a pursuit bike, choose wisely & ride a single fixed gear for 4 consecutive pursuits.
The Stirling Bike Club Corrieri Classic is sponsored by Corrieri’s cafe at Causewayhead just north of Stirling, with a cycling theme & jerseys placed around the walls, many non-locals will be familiar with it as clubs from Glasgow, Fife & other areas use it as a refuel point on long Sunday rides.

Rider Interest

It’s not often a flat time trial can prove significant to my interest, but we have at least two outstanding riders taking part, the mountain like Ben Peacock & the super-smooth Silas Goldsworthy, outstanding because in my opinion both could break the Individual Pursuit qualifying time set for the 2014 Commonwealth Games. Hopefully we’ll have a bit of healthy rivalry for the coming months, we can only dream of an Obree V Boardman duel, but there is a hint of this with two very different riders who could produce very similar times.
Goldsworthy performed fantastically well at the 2012 British track championships, taking a close 4th place in the Pursuit, recording a time of 4:37. Peacock, a relative newcomer to bike racing recorded a 4:46 at his first attempt in the British championships in 2011. When we roll onto the Scottish championships last year, Peacock took the title over Goldsworthy in the rescheduled event at the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome. Both have some way to go in order to reach the qualifying time of 4:30, it’s likely going to take some commitment to the event to get near those times, but what we can see is the potential of two riders who are ‘relatively’ new to the discipline, there should be some room for improvement.
Peacock appears to use brute force to turn the pedals, an incredibly strong rider who could probably use some aerodynamic help without compromising his power, Goldsworthy is likely the more ‘classic’ roadman pursuiter type, coached by Masters pursuit champion Peter Ettles, I have no idea who coaches Peacock.

The Others

Lets not forget that Scotland has some rising talents, some soon to be discovered crossover talents & plenty of well established talents. I’m possibly overlooking the actual results of this particular event, more looking at what it throws up into the mix. Physiologically a ’10’ is a crossing point, an event where a track rider, a road rider & a time trialist can all perform well, so we often see a battle royale at the top of the table, plus some other minor skirmishes. I’m disappointed that the Spider V Beast of the Valley rivalry is not happening here, it appears that the Spider is wimping out of this one (if you don’t know about this, its probably best to not get involved).
It will be interesting to see what effect, if any, riding some recent track leagues has had on riders such as Alan Thomson, who is already one of the top time trialists, it can surely only help his speed and provide some intensity before the normal road season begins. An interesting year ahead for many riders.

What it means

Far from the 27 degree heat of the velodrome, this will only show us some latent form in freezing conditions, not a genuine measure of pursuit ability. The Commonweath time trial should be around 40km, the pursuit 4km, so a ’10’ is really a top riders no mans land, more of a clubmans bragging ground. But we may see some intentions displayed, especially if the contenders wheel out the fixed gears. I’ll be paying close attention to who has been tweaking their time trial position & who is taking their pursuit bike seriously, so please take lots of photos & we’ll revisit after the event with some conclusions.

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