Blog Summary 2

I’m going to provide a regular summary, posts get lost easily & the racing season is starting to get going,I’ve ditched the weekly racing updates, nobody was looking and there’s plenty other better sources for results.

So here’s what been going on, just click on the bolded text….

28/02/13 Blog Post Roundup 1 : A list of the first 20 blogs I wrote.

06/03/13 Very Long Cycles : The differences between the Olympic & Commonwealth 4 year cycles & why different riders will prosper.

07/03/13 Scottish Commonwealth Games Cycling Medals : All the cycling medals going right back to the 1930 Games, including all Scottish medals.

14/03/13 Corrieri, Gold & Peacocks : The potential clash of the top testers & pursuiters at the Corrieri ’10’.

18/03/13 Fixing Time Trials : What happened at the Corrieri ’10’ & comments on the crossover between TT & track.

24/03/13 Breaking Wind : Aerodynamic myths, busted.

01/04/13 Forum Roulette : Dealing with cycling forums.

02/04/13 Giro Air Attack Data : Some calculations to see how much advantage the pro’s are getting from these daft helmets.

06/04/13 Postman Pat’s Bad Mail : The latest from Pat McQuaid on stopping any non UCI events worldwide.

06/04/13 Pure Colombian : The rise of the Colombians, the reasons why this may be happening.

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