My name’s Di Luca, I live on the 2nd floor.

Twitter breathed a sigh of dis-contentment this week when 2007 Giro winner Danilo Di Luca was seen attacking on the finale of stage 4 at the Giro, it brings back memories of an era we were all trying to forget when we see Di Luca going well, we only assume one thing.

Why the blog title?

The lyrics for Suzanne Vega’s song ‘Luka’ fits our rogues name nicely, it also helps us explain to some extent his actions, his state of mind & his justification for the various scandals we know he’s been involved in, plus presumably many we don’t (yet) know about. I’ll start referring to Di Luca as ‘Suzanne’, I think it’s a nice name for him. Here’s a link to the lyrics.

The song is about domestic abuse, from somebody talking silently to somebody else who lives close to them, who knows you can hear what’s going on in their flat, but doesn’t want you to interfere, for whatever reason that may be. I’m likening Luka’s ‘significant other’ to Di Luca’s doping, only in his case, he does actually have a choice, unlike ‘Luka’. Suzanne loves his drugs, he’s been involved in several investigations, here’s a few…

2004: Oil for drugs investigation. Wikipedia information.

2007: Abnormally low hormone levels.

2007: 3 month doping ban.

2009: Tested positive for Cera EPO during the Giro.

2010: Admits to being a doper.

So Suzanne is a proven & banned doper, his previous best results were during a period he admitted to doping, so it’s hard for fans to believe that he can perform at the top level without drugs, that’s why when we see him attack the best riders in world we all tweet a sigh of discontent, even @BriSmithy exhaled in disgust. It’s really is ‘not normal’.

Suzanne’s history is littered with a love for his abusive ‘significant other’, an addiction he knows hurts him but he just can’t keep himself away from it. We all like to marvel at ‘panache’ and the ability to attack in the mountains, but in almost every one of the years we marvelled at Suzanne, there were questions about where that ability actually came from. Sometimes drugs look like panache & the attacking riders we loved to watch were not naturally capable of what we enjoy seeing them do. I can only hope that he doesn’t win a stage, I’m fully aware that there are plenty of others similar to him still riding, but this fella really irks me. He’s been rubbing it in everybody’s face for a long time and always seems to get a chance to return to the peloton, again on a team that doesn’t have to adopt the bio-passport, it’s disappointing for fans like myself to even see him there.

It really wouldn’t be any surprise if Suzanne was the Grand-Tour winning rider the Secret Pro was referring to as the rider caught up in a bio-passport infringement “I can’t say who it is but when the news breaks you’ll know who I’m talking about”, only time will tell.

Another rant, why can’t I watch the Giro on Eurosport before it’s my bedtime, I really want to watch the Giro!

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