Crash Bang Wallop

I’ve only managed to catch some snippets of the Giro until this point (the morning of the first individual time trial), it’s already proving to be a very interesting race, plus it’s currently completely unpredictable who will take final victory.

We’ve got hero’s & villains, wet roads, inclement weather, crashes, short steep climbs, we could be in Scotland! His Nibs is on the attack whenever possible, Wiggo has a potential hidden stomach problem as tweeted by his old DS, Jonathan Vaughters (@Vaughters on twitter) “my guess? BW has been suffering w same stomach issues as Cataldo, but they’ve kept quiet about it. Bet my balls on it.

So if that is the case, we can presume that Wiggins may not take the expected victory margin today, but we can still assume he’ll not lose anything, then we’ll get a rare chance to see what he can actually do in full attack mode later on, with his Colombian security guards in close attendance he’ll have to take this race by the scruff of the neck if he hopes to win it. The Giro could just be kicking off, with the stomach illness a catalyst for a spectacular Giro for the fans, but a nightmare for stage race aficionados Team Sky.

The other riders looking good are Nibali, Evans lurking near the front, Gesink’s team with full confidence in him, 2012 victor Hesjedal looking great. There’s plenty of my favourite villains up there too, Suzanne, Dirty Sanchez, Danielson, Scarponi, Pellizotti etc, it a perfect mix & lets face it, we love shouting at the telly when some of our least favourite riders are attacking.

Hopefully we’ll get to see it at a more suitable time on Eurosport soon, it’s the bloody Giro, it should be prime time!

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