Border Raiders

Today, the CTT ‘National’ 10 is already kicking off, as the CTT (formerly RTTC) is not a UK wide body, the term national in slightly dubious, but this event is generally considered the British championship over the 10 mile distance.

We have a couple of strong riders in there who have the potential to break into the top 10, with the event being held in Norfolk using some B roads, it is potentially more relevant to Scottish courses than many of the semi-motorway courses used for a large amount of events down south.

Sandy Wallace Cycles duo Alan Thomson & Silas Goldsworthy are riding, Alan is off at 12:38 & Silas at 12:52. Silas has been tweeting about the course after a recce, says it’s technical, so I’m hoping to see some good results, both riders are capable of getting right up there, Silas also has ‘some previous’, with 7th in the CTT ’25’ last year.

We expect Hutchinson & Bottrill to be racing for the win and the silly hat photo at the end, both have been absolutely storming recently, but if it is as technical as expected I’d assume Bottrill may have the edge on one of Northern Ireland’s fastest time trialists, Hutchinson (Note: Martyn Irvine, world scratch champion is also very rapid in a TT). But we also have riders like Olympic medalist Steven Burke & Russell Hampton in there, who was as good as Dowsett as a junior & trains with him now on his return, so there is a possibility for an upset if the course demands changes in pace, there’s a lot of quality riders lurking in there.

Will be interesting to see what happens today, I’ll be tweeting about it later on @spokedoke.

Start List link here.

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