Meet the Schleckers

Fränk & Andy Schleck, the brotherly duo are known to be incredibly close, joined at the hip racing partners, always on the same team, they do everything together, they have an incredible family ‘circle of trust‘. They used to appear to come across as the happy, polite & cuddly (stick insect cuddly) brothers, butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths, not any more.

It’s rarely we’ve ever seen them apart, that was until Fränk got busted for doping during the 2012 Tour de France, since then it’s a very rare occurence to see Andy with a number on his back. He fractured his sacrum during the Critérium du Dauphiné last year, there was also a war or words between the brothers & their disgraced directeur sportive John Bruyneel, after he spoke badly about the close-nit pair to the media. Andy has appeared to lack motivation since then, with his brother missing from training & racing due to his ban, he just doesn’t seem to have it anymore. Today in the media he reckons he could be the surprise of the Tour, this sends shivers through my spine.

Fränk’s hazy past

Fränk was a client of Dr Fuentes, you may have seen a little case recently going through the Spanish courts with the good doctor. Dr Fuentes was a gynecologist by trade, but has been proven to be the go-to-guy for blood doping athletes, he’s not the first guy you’d expect to offer you advice on interval training, he didn’t get performance gains that way. Fränk went to Dr Fuentes for some ‘really good interval training plans’ in 2005, this all came out in 2008 when German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung revealed some details regarding a bank transfer of about €7000 from Fränk to Dr Fuentes (probably the last time he didn’t pay for training in cold hard cash, lesson learnt). His case then went to the Luxembourg cycling federation & they agreed in 2008 that Fränk had in fact gone to the worst possible guy in the entire world, to get some interval training plans for an exorbitant price, that nobody in their right mind would pay for interval plans. While this was going on, if anybody has read Tyler Hamilton’s book, everybody in the peloton knew who the go-to-guy for blood doping was, Fränk & Andy obviously never spoke to anybody else to find out this common knowledge, they always do everything together.

Why we should worry

I used to like Andy, but the Little Schlecker is not coming across very well these days, his brothers antics have also raised his suspicion levels to ‘DANGER DANGER’. Andy’s brother IS a confirmed doper, he has also used one of the most notorious doping doctors in world sport, are we to believe he did all that without the knowledge of the one person he spends most of his time with, plus if Fränk is to believed, he also told his brother nothing of the legitimate trainer he thought he was hiring.

When Contador lost his 2010 Tour title to doping, Andy was awarded the race, but he grudgingly accepted that he had won it & said that he was not the rightful winner. If somebody of good moral standing was beaten by a doper, surely there would have been some anger, something derogatory said about the removal of the rider who soaked up the glory in Paris, surely a murmur of discontent, nothing!

There’s simply too much smoke for me, I have to sadly admit that I hope Andy bombs in this Tour, keep him away from the polka dot jersey, lets hope he doesn’t try & tarnish it. If he suddenly starts performing on the climbs again after getting no results the last year, I think we should all be asking questions.

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