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*Update01: Event Programme added.

The British Inter Regional Youth Track Championships are on THIS WEEKEND (24th to 26th Aug 2013) at the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome, more importantly they’re free to watch for spectators! Here we’ll see each British Cycling ‘Region’ selecting riders to race against the other regions & nationalities.

The events should be thrilling for cycling fans, not just for the sheer venom & crowd pleasing tactics that some of our youthful racers will be putting on display, but these are the stars of the future. You’ll be witnessing riders who WILL be in the Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games & World Championships in the future. I’d go as far as saying that some of these riders could prove to be even more talented than our current crop of medal winners, the identification of talent at a young age & the sheer volume of riders wanting to have a go means the talent pool is much greater than in years past.

It’s also one of only a few opportunities these days for Scottish fans to cheer on riders racing in Scotland team kit, these kids need your support, they are the future of the sport & your support could provide them with that extra impetus to perform & impress the national selectors, it could kick-start a glorious career. Here’s your chance to say you were there.

Racing for Scotland are the following riders (names thanks to @LeighMarshall79 on twitter, who runs the Filles a Velo website)

  • Emma Borthwick :Edinburgh RC
  • Katie McLean : Johnstone Wheelers CC
  • Rhona Callander :Stirling Bike Club
  • Stuart Balfour :Ronde – Bicycle Outfitters
  • Rhys Donnelly : Glasgow Riderz
  • Ben Forsyth :Edinburgh RC
  • Jack Carlin : Team Thomsons Cycles

Events Programme:

Saturday (Session 1) : Starting @ 11am

  • Girls Sprint Qualifying
  • Boys Sprint Qualifying
  • Girls Scratch Race
  • Boys Scratch Race
  • Girls Sprint 1st Round
  • Boys Sprint 1st Round

Saturday (Session 2) : Starting @ 15:00

  • Girls Sprint Semi Final
  • Boys sprint Semi Final
  • Girls Points Race
  • Boys Points Race
  • Girls Sprint Final
  • Boys Sprint Final

Sunday (Session 3) : Starting @ 09:00

  • Girls Keirin 1st Round
  • Boys Keirin 1st Round
  • Girls Pursuit Qualifying
  • Boys Pursuit Qualifying
  • Girls Keirin Semi Final
  • Girls Pursuit Final
  • Boys Pursuit Final
  • Girls Keirin Final
  • Boys Keirin Final

Sunday (Session 4) : Starting @ 15:00

  • Girls 500m TT
  • Boys 500m TT
  • Girls Madison
  • Boys Madison

Monday (Session 5) : Starting @ 09:00

  • Girls Team Sprint Qualifying
  • Boys Team Sprint Qualifying
  • Girls Team Sprint Final
  • Boys Team Sprint Final

Monday (Session 6) : Starting @ 12:00

  • Girls Team Pursuit Qualifying
  • Boys Team Pursuit Qualifying
  • Girls Team Pursuit Final
  • Boys Team Pursuit Final
  • Victory Ceremony

A fantastic line-up of events for youth riders to take part in. More updates to follow…..

Information can be found on the Glasgow Life website HERE. Racing is on 9am to 5pm each day, parking is very limited, so you may not get parked in the velodrome car park. It looks like results will appear HERE on the Scottish Cycling website.

This is as much information as I could find, if anybody has any more info please pass it on, these events should have a lot more attention than they currently attract. Thanks to Martin Harris for the events.

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