Scottish Weekly Roundup 31/3/14

As my personal belief that the season should really only start properly in Scotland when the clocks change (due to all that cold stuff falling out of the sky most years), so I’ll start reporting race results from now on. My half-hearted attempt at this last year failed, but it was perhaps a little misguided, from now on this will just be a weekly set of links to results, rather than a line-by-line compilation of all results, which is really just a regurgitating exercise. So if you’re a club who organises events & want a direct link back to your website (showing all your wonderful sponsors & saying exactly what you want said about your promotion), send them to the email listed below & I’ll do a Monday evening roundup to allow the results to get compiled, along with reports from the mainstream cycling sites that support Scottish events, like VeloVeritas.

I also want to link to rider blogs from the previous week too, so send them in, you’ll get in every week if it’s updated, take the Rigmar Racers as an example of that.

Flat individual standard distance time trial results are not likely to appear very much, unless they’re championships supported by full fields, or they do something different, like have a start ramp & crowds.

We’ll also have a wee ‘Rider of the Month’ award on the first roundup of each month, with a special initial award of ‘Rider Of The Winter’, to kick things off.

SpokeyDokeyBlog Rider Of The WinterKatie Archibald (World Team Pursuit Champion)

Event Results

Scottish Cycling Track League (26/3/14):

Gifford Road Races (29/3/14):

Gordon Arms Mountain TT (30/3/14):

Ythan CC APR (30/3/14):

Fat Lads Flat Chance (30/3/14):

This Weeks Top Blogs

(As it’s the first roundup, we’ve got a few from March, but keep blogging & you’ll get in that weeks roundup, no new blogs, no mentions. I’d particularly recommend reading about what our young Braveheart funded riders are up to, Miss Archibald has a particular aptitude for blogging)

Get Well Soon

Charlene Joiner, for your back injury & ongoing return to see you in the Commonwealth Games team.

Rab Wardell for your recovery from a brutal Cape Epic in South Africa.


Send any blog links or race results you’d like in the weekly update using the contact options below.

Email me by clicking this link

Twitter me on this link @spokedoke







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