Scottish Weekly Roundup 7/4/14

The big domestic event this week is the Scottish Power Youth Tour of Scotland, for which I’ve got a separate blog. It’s still ongoing, running from Sunday to Wednesday, but we have results from the first two days. It’s already sprung up a major contender for ‘SpokeyDokeyBlog Rider of the Month‘. In the initial criterium stage, Scottish youth rider Rhona Callander (a rider for Wallace Warriors/Stirling BC & in the Youth Tour as part of the ‘Mid-Scotland’ team) lapped the field in the Perth City Centre Criterium. To put this performance in perspective, she was riding against the best riders the UK has in her age group, of which we can assume there will be future Olympic stars. Very much a classy performance & the epitome of the #attackingApril twitter hashtag described in the previous blog ‘On The Attack‘. It’s also been suggested that on last weeks Stirling chaingang, Rhona was knocking lumps out of some grown men, a talent that deserves some recognition.

Other News

I missed some national MTB results last week, so apologies to those concerned. Part of the Commonwealth qualifications were met by several riders. Lee Craigie, Jessie Roberts & Kerrie Macphee have all met part of the Commonwealth qualification standards by finishing 2nd, 3rd & 4th (respectively) in round 1 of the British Cycling Elite Cross-Country Series. Belgian champion Githa Michiels took the win, followed by the trio of Scots talent. Gareth Montgomerie was also placed highly in the mens event, just outside the top 10, so looks like another Scot coming into some form.

Ellie Richardson also hit the qualifying time for the 500m on the track, putting herself into contention for a place in Glasgow 2014. It also sounds like we could get some qualifiers soon in the mens pursuit, with Mark Stewart getting very close to the world-class qualifying time. Very keen to find out what’s happening with the sprinters, not much info coming out there.

Event Results

Scottish Power Youth Tour of Scotland:

Scottish Cycling have some good reports on the above links for all stages. Remaining stages & reports in next weeks roundup.

This Weeks Top Blogs

Top reads this week are from the Claire’s, a race win for Martin & a superb 8th place in Gent Wevelgem for Thomas, top British rider too, very much a top ride.

Get Well Soon

Pleased to hear that Charlene Joiner & Rab Wardell are both improving from last week. But I’ll also give a special mention to Martin Lonie for his perseverance, the Scottish champion (and every commissaires favourite) has been  giving us frequent updates on social media as to how high he can lift his arm, after a devastating track league crash a few weeks ago. Get well soon Martin, high five!


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