Telegram from the Queen?

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This little blog has somehow managed to reach something I’d never considered, 100 posts, it just kind of crept up on me. So this is my centenary post & feeling a little bit under pressure to make it either a good old rant, a witty anecdote, or a definitive study of something or other. But I’m going to ignore all that pressure & go for something you might not expect, I want others to do what I’m doing. I’d like to see some more variety in Scottish cycle blogging, there’s plenty more areas still not covered, it would add to the great wee blogging community that already exists. Check out The Washing Machine Post & The Drum Up plus all the blogs I link on the Weekly Roundups for some idea of what’s already about.

These 99 posts have been scribed relatively easily, with time constraints being the only real problem. It’s satisfying to get your thoughts down, quite therapeutic in a way, it makes you think about your life involved in cycling & hopefully proves useful to others, well some of it anyway. People actually reading these blog posts is a bonus, at this point in spokeydokeyblog each new post attracts thousands of page reads every week, which makes it all the more worthwhile. I originally set out to look at areas of cycle racing in Scotland that may need improvement, then attempt to provide working solutions to them, that’s really the only way for me, just ranting from the sidelines isn’t exactly a productive thing to do, like those forums we all know so well. Although some people don’t like you mentioning the bad points at all, especially if they’re responsible (you know who you are).

Any ideas I publish on this blog are free to steal if you reckon they’ll help, just manipulate & change if they don’t fit precisely. I’d actively encourage opposing views to be blogged, what we lack in Scottish cycling & cycle sport are proper debates on the issues, race calendar, categories, governance, inclusion & development. I still don’t see much else coming out, especially from the governing body, who should really be adopting some new ideas & attempting some vision.

Get Blogging (here’s how)

If you’ve something to say, if nobody is listening & the people who should be listening ignore you, write a blog.

It really is as simple as you’re going to get, you don’t need to know anything about HTML or any of that computery stuff. If you can log into internet accounts & have used something like Microsoft Office, you can easily write a blog.

1) Set up a specific email, so you can deal with information & updates coming through, I use gmail.

2) Set up your twitter account to allow you to tell the world about your blog & engage with the online world of cycling. Try to choose a shortish twitter handle, so you can fit in as many of those 140 characters as you’re allowed in each micro post. I shortened mine to @spokedoke

3) The actual blog. The easiest way to start blogging is by using WordPress. It’s all very simple, you just choose a theme, you can easily drop photos & get going straight away. May be best to put two or three posts down there before you tell everybody about it, so they’ve got a bit to read. It took me a year before I felt I wanted to pay a small amount to upgrade to a website address & additional features, you may never need to. WordPress is free for the basic package.

That’s it, you can now start a blog. The basic rules are, don’t steal people’s photo’s without permission, spell check every post before you publish it (wordpress carries a ‘proofread’ feature), don’t say anything that is potentially libelous, and make posts at regular intervals. Write about whatever you like, the subjects you’re passionate about fall together in a matter of minutes, the technical & heavy on research ones are the most time-consuming.

Whether it’s a club blog, a personal one or about the sport or pastime in general, somebody will find it interesting. Get blogging.

SpokeyDokeyBlog’s Future

This blog is going to go through a few changes soon, a bit of a revamp, I’ve lots of things to sort & you’ll be getting the weekly roundups on a Tuesday from now on, to allow everybody to get their results compiled. Keep sending me info & get some comments on the blog too. Happy hundred.

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