What a Mug


Some old cycling kit looks a bit naff, some a bit neon, there’s now a range of retro team mugs & espresso cups on the Cycling Souvenirs website, which have chosen some of the kits from the Lemond/Fignon/Millar era & made them into stylish mugs. I got these as a present, so I’m not supposed to look at the price, but I was so happy with them I thought I’d let everybody else know where to get them, after an internet search. The mugs are good quality, survive the dishwasher & the designs make them stand out from your normal mugs. Now I’ve just got to find a way of slowly replacing all our mugs with cycling themed ones, a mission in progress I think.

Get them at Cycling Souvenirs, retro mugs linked HERE, but there’s plenty of other mugs & things to pass on to your dearest as potential future present ideas for the cyclist who doesn’t quite have everything.


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