Deadly Partners

Embed from Getty ImagesWatching a Madison is like discovering the plot of a good thriller slowly unfold in front of your eyes. There’s so much going on, but you find yourself focussing on a few pairings, like the suspects in a “who done it?”, only in the case of a Madison, it’s “who wins it?”.

Such is the quality of the top competitors in the mens Madison event at the Worlds, that the outcome can often be predicted very early on, then half way through it’s fairly evident who’s going to take the medals. The prospect of the Madison being a World Championship event for women (as discussed on the excellent site, with THIS feature) should prove, dare I say it, a better race for the cycling fan to watch, even though the Madison is one of my favourites already.

Dirty Harry

From a UK perspective, I can’t see any better than the diverse, but equally effective combo of Katie Archibald & Laura Trott. In our thriller, Archibald would be the non-conformist gunslinger ‘Dirty Harry’, while Trott being enshrined in the scientific system from an early age could be ‘Ethan Hunt’ (sorry ladies, Hollywood doesn’t provide the same level of female cops, these riders are nothing like the drab Cagney & Lacey). If the UCI do decide to endorse a World Championship for the women’s Madison, I’m very sure that these two deadly partners could certainly be in the running, it seems unfair that we don’t get to see this race at the Worlds. As PelotonWatch reports, many countries now have national championships for women in this event, but still no world championship, there would surely be plenty of nations very interested.

Imagine what may go through Archibald’s head if she’s in with the chance of a gold medal at the Madison in the future, perhaps the same as Harry Callahan’s words below…

I know what you’re thinking: “Did she burn six matches or only five?” Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement, I’ve kinda lost track myself. But being this is a GB Superbike, the fastest track bike in the world, which would blow your socks clean off, you’ve got to ask yourself one question: ‘Do I feel lucky?’ Well, do ya, punk?

The Gist Of It

With the longer distance associated with a Madison, the 50km distance may make the crossover from road to track much more palatable for the endurance riders. With World Cups & World Championships featuring women’s Madisons, we could find some more top female riders being able to supplement their income by riding for a road team in summer, then specialising in the Madison during the winter season. With funding very hard to find in women’s cycling, this could provide an additional incentive for national teams to develop road talent while also attempting to bank international medals to support their programme funding.

Personally, seeing riders like Trott & Archibald using their bunch skills to the maximum, alongside their impressive world-class team pursuit performances, should provide one of the most thrilling races of any World Championships programme. These riders have a depth of talent & racing intelligence, that if developed further can only go in one direction. The Madison could be the event that helps to kickstart another angle in women’s racing, from grassroots to elite, if we think Trott leaves us on the edge of our seat in a ‘Devil’, imagine watching a Madison! Our UK pairing would by no means clear up in this, there will be hurdles to climb, but we know that Harry may get a doing a few times, but in the end, he always comes out on top. Come on UCI, give us another Madison, you know you want to.

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