Roadworks & Organising Races

Domestic cycling events are generally very low-key, they’re the last things anybody cares about when they’re making plans to dig up the road for water, cable TV, or a multitude of different reasons. It came to my attention today, that new organisers are still unaware of exactly where to look for information, a knowledge gap in some clubs perhaps, or just the complexity of running events on the public highway carries so many checks & re-checks that it’s hard to get them all right if you’ve not done it before, so hopefully the following should help. It’s the one big thing that’ll stop your event without warning if overlooked, so it needs to be done as thoroughly as possible.

  • The best website to check for road works is, run by the Scottish Road Works Commissioner. It seems to be able to gather together much more information from various organisations who may have a right to place cones or dig up the road on your race course, which is a lot of separate bodies.
  • But don’t leave it at that, is still useful, you’ll generally find many more road works are listed on RoadWorksScotland, but this has additional info on public events & occasionally some distant planned road works that may not yet show up anywhere else.
  • When you’re planning the event, it’s worth a look at both of these sites, to make sure that there’s no long-term works that might impact your event.
  • If the start or finish dates are close to your event, but look like they won’t impact, it’s best to get in touch with them using the details on the RoadWorksScotland site, which carry the contact info if you click on the road works arrow. I’ve always had a decent response from this, within a day or so, never had a non response by using those contacts.
  • I always also contact the local community council, or if a bigger event the regional council too, to let them know there’s an event on & they can often know of low impact things that never show up anywhere, which might cause you some bother, but wouldn’t end up cancelling the event.
  • As I’ve had road works pop-up the day before an event, I have a ‘save all’ approach to checking the websites before an event as I’ve been stung before. I’ll check every few days in the month running up to an event, then every day in the last 2 weeks (check in the evening when everything is logged). Then the last week, it’s more than once a day, you never know who’s springing something on you. I’ve been informed by a community council of some late planned works in the last few days which I managed to postpone, so contacting the local community can save your bacon & is very worth doing.

If you’re considering starting organising, give it a bookmark for future reference.

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