Sagan, le Patron

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We’ve seen Peter Sagan mature, from what initially appeared like a Dukes of Hazard type character into a respected World Champion & sometimes outspoken critic of riding in the peloton, is he the man to restore order to the galaxy?

The mens professional peloton has had a void of control for some time, it could be argued that the Armstrong years damaged the entire idea of having a ‘Patron’, during a period of intimidation that we’d all rather forget. Cancellara tried it to some extent, but came across more of as a grumpy schoolteacher who’s pupils wouldn’t do as he asked, making noises at the back of the class. We now have a rider who seemingly has no (off the bike) enemies in the peloton, is well respected amongst DS’s, riders, and more importantly almost universaly by the fans. I propose we adopt Peter Sagan as ‘le Patron’, to speak out & help protect riders from the current dangers of badly driven convoy vehicles (motos & cars), dangerous riding & to give the press the riders perspective of any arising issues. He seems to speak his mind, he could be the catalyst for change.

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