Ban Asthma Meds, What?

Maybe you hate Chris Froome, maybe you’ve never suffered from asthma yourself, or seen your child suffer from asthma, and want to knowingly or unknowingly also choose to punish children in order to make Froome suffer. So if you’re spouting endlessly on Twitter about banning asthma medication in sport, you’re either unaware of the bigger picture and haven’t done any research, or you simply don’t care, both are choices you made.

Sorry, some actual evidence

I know this isn’t what we’re supposed to when discussing Chris Froome, but there is plenty scientific evidence to support the increased prevalence of exercise induced asthma, in those actually doing exercise. This isn’t just for pro athletes, but schoolchildren!

So if you wonder why exercise induced asthma is more prevalent in people who do exercise, well, it’s not overly complex. The sedentary population have much lower levels of exercise induced asthma because they don’t do exercise. It’s like the levels of dairy intolerance recorded in people who don’t eat dairy, how would they ever know?

Here’s a Malaysian study from 2008

A sports medicine paper from 2013

Another sports medicine paper from 2011

So if you’re one of those people who still doesn’t understand this, you’ve chosen to ignore science to allow your hatred of one athlete to cloud your view on a disease a large percentage of the population suffer from.

Children & Sport

It’s not about Froome, he’s just an athlete in a sport you quite like. The issues regarding the future participation of children in exercise, at all levels, completely & utterly dwarves the career of any cyclist, or any sport for that matter.

Can you imagine the impact on participation in school sport, or in youth cycling for that matter, if you stigmatised asthma medication in competitive sport by banning all asthma medication in all quantities? You’d encourage children not to use them, not just in accredited participation sports, but also in school physical education classes. We’re into the realms of talking about a stigma affecting child obesity levels & mortality if we take it to extremes. A child could avoid using an inhaler & suffer an asthma attack as a result, the consequences of which could be severe.

What do I or you know?

Do I think Chris Froome is clean? Who really cares what I think, because I know as much as you do, which is nothing, only speculation. I certainly care about it, but claiming that superhuman performances are based on Salbutamol, really, this is all you have? Perhaps in years to come we’ll find he was on a cocktail of EPO, HGH, corticosteroids, inhaling unicorn breath in a hyperbaric chamber by night, along with everything allowable up to the ‘legal’ limit, who knows. But taking extra puffs of an inhaler, that’s not the smoking gun anybody sensible thinks is behind his performances.

If he’s genuinely taking anything illegal, it’s his dream that people are focusing on inhalers rather than asking questions about anything else, if Sky are in-on-this, you’ve fallen for their ruse, but you think you’re being super smart.

The Gist Of It

I’m very sceptical, but this kind of nonsense is just turning people like me away from the valid arguments & choosing to mute or ignore the people on social media who are twisting every bit of non evidence to bolster their views.

If you ban all asthma meds, in all quantities in competitive sport, you open up a huge level of negative issues occurring in children’s wellbeing. This isn’t going to help anybody. All that athlete does, if he’s using it illegitimately, is change to something else. Meanwhile children, youth sports & others have to deal with the consequences of demonising a condition, that if treated correctly with the best medication, can only allow an athlete to almost reach a level playing field in lung function.

How dare you try to limit what sports our children can take part in because you don’t like Chris Froome. He’s just part of a sport for a chosen few thousand individuals, real life & access to asthma medication unhindered & without stigma is the given right of billions on this planet. Don’t take that away to stop one aesthetically challenged & slightly dubious cyclist appear on your telly box.

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