Thanks for reading, this started out as one guy just getting a few things off their chest, it’s now developed it’s own character, I can’t stop it posting & tweeting anymore. Thanks for agreeing & disagreeing, it’s only a point of view, don’t take it too seriously, sometimes I’m wrong, sometimes I’m right, I’ll just keep commenting and trying to offer solutions if I see issues, there’s no point in just having a rant if you’ve no remedy, so I try my best to offer something in each post that helps cycling.

I’m a past & present cyclist, going back to the 80’s, raced in most disciplines, now trying to get back into it, but been following the international scene all the time, now looking at the Scottish scene and seeing where it’s been, where it’s going, and how it’s progressing. General observations, chit chat, maybe some event reports, I might be there, lurking in the background.

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  1. Interesting views on the values of a governing body and the national agency of Scottish Sport…perhaps there is room to take a closer and more considered view of what these bodies are trying to do in supporting the volunteer structures within sport in Scotland. In its simplest terms governing bodies of sport are membership organisations, organisations who in the main are interesting in supporting and developing the sport and its members. sportscotland is in tum interested in supporting the ambitions of the governing bodies of sport, this is different from directing or instructing governing bodies in their direction of travel.
    If the membership of a governing body is not happy with the direction of travel then the membership has an opportunity to better engage and inform the sports future direction…but only if its interested or bothered.
    sportscotland will respond to ambitions of governing bodies, but one of key misunderstood aspects of this agency is that funding is a small part of what it has to offer; there exists a whole host of expertise available to support governing bodies….volunteer recruitment, coach education and development, club development, performance development. It does also offer funding but no surprise given that it is tax payer money it is unlikely to release funding unless there is a thought through approach and that the direction of travel supports the government view of sport – it is a government funded organisation after all. A governing body of sport can put whatever plan and direction of travel in place that it likes…if it happens to gain the support of sportscotland then this is a bonus.
    In reality its less about tick boxing and more about whether an enthusiast wants and values paying a membership fee to a club or to the governing body. Why would they do that…well maybe its because some value the quality of the experience they get or the opportunities to be gained individually or collectively in supporting the sport….opportunities to learn, opportunities for youngsters, opportunities to compete.
    Also worth considering is how enthusiastic people are accessing sport. Clubs are less significant these days in their traditional forms…more and more enthusiasts are accessing sport when they like on their own terms and not necessarily joining clubs. The real question is what are people interested in joining clubs for?
    Cycling is shifting from informal groups on runs or clubs who have a competitive streak to a collective of individuals spending a fair amount of money to follow a defined route that you could access yourself for free in your own time. Granted some of the income from such events may go to charitable causes but much of it will go towards paying for the organisation of the event or even profit. Such events will come and go.
    Given that governing bodies and the national agency for sport have in the main an interest in improving and supporting the quality of sporting experience; how its volunteers are developed and supported, how the next generation are encouraged etc. its worth considering where best to offer support. If change is what is desired in the organised structures of sport then its over to the membership of clubs to engage and express their view.

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