Presents for Cyclists

It’s often very hard to buy presents for cyclists, especially if you’re not sure whether they’re Campag or Shimano, buying the wrong component would really label yourself as a prime ‘eejit’ in the eyes of your cycling friend/hubby. So a very safe bet is a quality book, in most cases a training book is probably out of the question, unless it’s Graeme Obree’s excellent The Obree Way, which is less of an actual training plan (but you can use it for that), but more of an insight into a champions way of thinking, with time spent on areas which no other training manual covers.

Here’s a few that I’d love to see in my Christmas stocking, I’ll send the blog link to my significant other too, maybe I’ll get some of these on Christmas morning too. (Bear in mind I’ve not read any of these, so not a review, I’ll do those later if I’m successful in this endeavour). Web links in titles.

The Cycling Anthology 3 by Lionel Birnie & Ellis Bacon

Prendas, the online shop well-known for selling some great bike kit, with its undergarment labels often sneaking into photos of famous riders who are contracted to wear other clothing, has a small book store HERE. There’s Sean Kelly’s autobiography, a history of Raleigh bikes & the much heralded Cycling Anthology series of books by Lionel Birnie, all suitable presents for the cyclist in your life. The latest one, Cycling Anthology 3 would be top of my Christmas list. I’ve enjoyed listening to the Humans Invent podcasts, with Richard Moore, Daniel Friebe & Birnie this year (all who have books out, but I’ve got plenty of Moore’s already), there’s a huge depth of knowledge that comes across from Lionel, despite him sounding like a cloth cap wearing Hovis bike rider. This book brings together other contributors, such as Ned Boulting, Richard Moore, Ed Pickering &  Kenny Pryde to name a few, each with their own chapter on varying subjects that have been prominent throughout the cycling year. Have a look at the chapter titles in the link for an overview on what it contains, stick it on your Christmas list. Buy it from Prendas if you can, rather than a large non tax paying monster, otherwise we’ll have no bike shops & even less book shops sooner than we know it.

Rouleur Centenary Tour de France

It’s sold out on the Rouleur site, but a quick internet search can throw up a few copies if you’re quick (I hope you act soon…..). Normally Rouleur have a review of the year, this time they changed tack & gone for a fresh angle. Taking each stage of the 100th Tour de France & sending journalists & photographers out looking for a different angle on the incredible race. There’s a huge variance on what they looked at, Rob Hayles interviewing riders, a look at the broadcasters & showing how they cover le Tour, inside a team for a few days, every stage is covered but in a different way, not the racing as such, but more the lifestyle & hidden stories attached to an event of this size. Alongside that, the books are beautiful, lovelier than even the magazines of which I’m also a fan. For more info, the Velo Club Don Logan covered it on one of their excellent podcasts, linked HERE. Shout it up your chimney, but do it quick, they’re running out, DO IT QUICK!!!

Inside Team Sky by David Walsh

David Walsh published a series of books on Lance Armstrong, which he was sued & now proven to have been truthful, including some money returned by the former champion over one case. Considering this, Walsh was embedded with Team Sky for several months, possibly to remove doubt about their cleanliness, a two-sided deal, access allowed in exchange for the content of a book derived from those few months experiences. I’m fascinated by how this team is managed, with the conflicting interests of Wiggins & Froome being balanced into a team structure, so really looking forward to what’s included in this book.

Hope I can get some of those for Christmas…….

Other’s I’d recommend are Domestique by Charly Wegulius which I’ve reviewed HERE & The Race Against Time by Edward Pickering which I’m reading now, both excellent.

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