Last Parade of the Little Schlecker

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As Daniel Friebe tweeted today, a bookmaker is offering odds of 28/1 on Andy Schleck winning the Tour, in 2014, is there really that big a chance? I’d be more likely to suggest that this July will be his final squeak in pro cycling. He has been a great responder to some questions from journalists in the past, but his recent interview with Le Quotidien fell well below answering at least half of the questions satisfactorily, in past years he’s answered significantly more than 50% of journalists questions, from a purely observational perspective I’d even suggest that his performance was well over 55%, but I’ve not been counting. He’s certainly a very poor responder these days to most questions.

He now says he’s going to be trying to help his brother Fränk  “I want to help Fränk to try and win the overall, that’s my ambition”. We’d always been told that Andy was much more talented, but he’ll be riding for Fränk anyway, what exactly has happened here? The massive fall in performance in the Schleck brothers, Andy is particular, has coincided with an increase in reported bio-passport activity & a change in guard at the UCI. The fans would assume that would help the cleaner riders, or at least divert them to try different legal methods which may result in good performance.

Andy seems unwilling to grasp that opportunity, to show that he’s a top Grand Tour rider in the current era. He’s still a young man, so staying in the sport while dramatically underperforming relative to previous performances can only support justifiable suspicion. It looks like he’s hanging onto his inflated salary until the contract runs out at the end of the year. Good luck with whatever you do in 2015 Andy, but I really hope it’s not pro cycling, for your sake & ours.

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